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While organising trainings or conferences we often ask ourselves the following question: How to ensure interaction between the audience and the hosts?


The answer to this question in a simple and incredibly effective voting system. It was developed on the basis of research on learning and memorising processes. Its purpose is to optimise the participants' educational possibilities and entertain them at the same time.


We equip the participants with wireless remote controls thank to which they are able to answer the moderator's questions in real time.


The system instantly collects, processes and shows the answers to general public via a radio signal, providing the host with an immediate possibility to evaluate and comment on the results.


Interactive contact between the participants and the moderator:

  • increases the listeners' involvement and focus
  • enables active participation which increases satisfaction with the meeting attended
  • allows up-to-date review and verification of participants' knowledge
  • allows recording the results and their analysis in terms of the client's needs
  • diversifies and modernises the meeting.


Participants treat our system as an interactive game thanks to which they get rid of stress and willingly engage in the lecture. The results of voting are displayed in the form of diagrams clear to all the respondents ( information is recorded and there is a possibility to use it later on).


We treat each order individually — call us and discuss the details of cooperation.


To voting systems we recommend the following available:

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