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Lighting, similarly to sound system, is an integral part of every successful business or entertainment event.


We provide service of events in terms of both conference as well as stage lighting.


Our clients most often use it during:

  • conferences
  • presentations
  • conventions
  • promotional events
  • concerts
  • fashion shows
  • bonding events.


We apply professional lighting with the use of:

  • smart appliances knows as "moving lights" (they prove excellent during concerts, presentations and conferences)
  • traditional PAR lights
  • LED lights — LED bars, LED pars etc.
  • controls and tables supporting DMX protocol for controlling smart appliances.


Additionally, we possess infrastructure which serves obtaining appropriate effects when lighting events, such as:

  • structures for hanging up lights
  • fog generators
  • modules for constructing a stage (dimensions: 2m x1m and regulated heights of 0,40m; 0,6m and 1m).


We treat each order individually — call us and discuss the details of cooperation.


To lighting we recommend the following available:


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