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{loadpositażion position-10} Every event may be improved and made more attractive with the use of appropriate extras.


We treat each order individually — call us and discuss the conditions of cooperation.



They are small devices for the remote control of slide shows. Thanks to them the speaker may move away from the rostrum and bring life into his speech (see also headband microphones in Sound system section).



We rent high-level multifunctional devices which prove excellent at reception desks of trade fair, convention and conference organiser's office or during training.


Wi-Fi Routers

Equipped with antennas of long range, they ensure wireless internet over a very large surface area.


Computer loudspeakers

Small size combined with great quality and relatively high capacity prove effective where there is no space for standard-size sound systems.


We treat each order individually — call us and discuss the details of cooperation.


To accessories and extras we recommend the following available:


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